About Glamour Forever


Sumeet Singh Sarao, founder of Glamour Forever Ltd. Glamour Forever was founded in 2007 when Sumeet single handedly opened his small shop off the High Street in Smethwick. He first had that light bulb moment and spotted the gap in the market for a quick walk-in, pain-free brow service which was launched at Kingfisher Shopping in 2008.


Coming from an Indian heritage, threading was the norm in his family and it was a skill that women have been practicing for centuries in the eastern world.

Sumeet became the pioneer of the walk-in brow bar, he is largely responsible for bringing the ancient Indian technique of threading into the 21st century.


Glamour Forever now has over 30 sites nationwide is still growing, looking to open sites in other countries creating a unique brand for the company. The concept came from seeing the modern woman appreciating quick, precise, clean and holding the ability to create seamless results.

Glamour Forever set out to change the way people think about their eyebrows by offering a super quick, drop-in service. Sumeet took on some of the most popular, well known, established shopping centres in the UK and convinced them to embrace the wonderful world of threading. Centre in 2008.